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Reyes Martinez Cano – Palma de Mallorca, Spain (November 2017)

“I have been buying estroblock since May because of hormonal acne. I started seeing results after a three weeks and my acne was clearly getting better. Now, after a few months, I only get 2 or 3 spots during my period. The serving size I take is one pill per day, however I am thinking in increasing the dose to 2 pills per day to finally get rid of those stubborn spots I get during my period. Wonderful natural product, I would recommend it to people suffering with hormonal acne.”

Julia Elliott-Tubb – Kent, UK (March 2018)

“I would definitely recommend EstroBlock Triple Strength. It has really helped me with my acne. It’s the not the only product I take, but I do notice when I am running out of it, and if that time of month is approaching, I start getting the odd spot on my chin, but if I am stocked up with EstroBlock supplies then I rarely get any spots now! Thank you Estroblock!”

Rebecca – Harrogate, UK (December 2017)

“As a woman in her pre-menopausal years, I thought my days of hormonal acne were finally over. To my surprise, my acne returned with a vengeance, and went from occasional outbreaks of small pimples to continual outbreaks of large, angry, red, cystic bumps. I tried a number of things to improve the condition of my skin but nothing worked. Then, I found a blog post on acne that mentioned EstroBlock.

I liked the fact that the ingredients were natural–unlike the drugs my GP could have prescribed, or the topical solutions I’d been applying to my skin with no luck. And I was tired of hiding myself, and my quickly diminishing self-esteem, away at home.

Within one week of taking 2 capsules of EstroBlock per day, I noticed dramatic improvements to my skin. Within a further week, my skin was back to normal.

I have continued to use EstroBlock for the past ten months with no side effects and no return of the cystic acne. I would recommend EstroBlock to any woman looking to control hormonal acne. It’s been a life saver for me!”

Laura Strass – Bavaria, Germany (March 2018)

“I ordered Estroblock and Liv-D-Tox for the first time after reading several reviews.

I always knew that my hormones were not in balance after I stopped taking birth control pills one year ago. But I didn’t know what to do. I thought it is just a thing I have to get used to and maybe it will get better by eating healthy. But even after one year it haven’t got any better and it even got worse. My skin was terrible, I had acne like never before. I could set my clock to my breakouts, every time it came strong, I knew it was just before my period. It was so depressing! 31 years old and I actually need anti wrinkle moisturizers… I tried to get rid off my acne by using drying products. I looked like a wrinkly flaky teenager.

I use Estroblock since 4 weeks and in the beginning I had headaches in the morning. But it’s important to drink enough water, so I try to drink at least 2 liters. My skin starts to recover. I still have some pimples, but it’s not area-wide. I consider to order the DHT block aswell, i have the feeling I also have to much testosteron. But it feels good to have a way of solution which I can follow. It gives me confidence, finally!”

Fiona – Morayshire, Scotland (March 2018)

“I was recommended Estroblock but my nutritionalist as a supplement to a diet adjustment to help with my sudden onset hormonal acne around the chin area (i also cut out dairy and gluten although i had been doing this for a while with minimal results). Having had good skin all my life, this change impacted my life heavily. I have just ordered my second order of Estroblock. I went into starting this supplement with an open mind as I struggled to believe that anything could help with not only the root of the acne but also the sometimes highly emotionally draining side affects of adult acne. I had results within 2 weeks! 2 WEEKS! my skin became less painful and if I did have a spot come up in the first couple of weeks of taking Estroblock it lasted a day, 2 tops! NO sore under skin pustules. After 4 weeks, my skin is clear, not just in the original problem area but my whole complexion. It has changed my life. it has made me confident again and i’ve worn less make up in the last 2 weeks than I have worn in years. Huge huge thanks team!xx”

Misha Coleman – Leeds, UK (December 2017)

“I bought Estroblock after reading all of the positive reviews in relation to clearing acne. I’ve had acne for about 15 years and it recently worked out that it was due to a hormonal imbalance, I am so thankful to estroblock as it has actually helped in more ways than with just my acne. I wasn’t aware but it turns out I had very low progesterone which had been causing anxiety, acne, cold hands and feet and fatigue and it seems that lowering the bad estrogens has helped in raising my progesterone to a normal level without using anything chemical based. I finally Feel like I am functioning properly and my skin is getting clearer day by day.”

Anelia Sheytanova – London, UK (January 2018)

“I first started using Estroblock in the end of November for my acne issues alongside with Reishi mushroom supplement to support my liver. In the first week and a half I experienced quite a few breakouts mainly around my mouth and jawline. I continued using the supplements as I thought my body is detoxifying and I was right. After that breakout, after about three weeks of taking the supplements my skin started to clear a lot. Then I ordered a second bottle of Estroblock but this time the Triple strength. Now I have been using this alongside the Reishi mushroom supplement for about 6 weeks and I have had no breakouts and my skin is finally healing after one year of horrible acne. I am so so thanful I finally found something that has a positive effect for my hormonal acne. Thank you Estroblock!!!”

Tereza – Prague, Czech Republic (February 2018)

“I have been fighting acne for several years and I have tried almost everything… it was so depressing and it had tremendously negative impact on my life. Then I tried Estroblock and it’s UNBELIEVABLE! After only a week I saw that my complexion is getting better, less oily and no more painful nodule and cysts. After a few weeks I’m almost clear 🙂 I only wish that I have tried Estroblock earlier.”

Chloe – Rhondda Valley, South Wales, UK (March 2018)

“I have been taking Estroblock triple strength tablets for 9 months. Since I have been taking Estroblock triple strength tablets, I have noticed a big change in my body, my skin and the way I feel. I feel like a completely different person.

I am only a size 10, but have always struggled loosing fat around my stomach. Since taking Estroblock, I have lost a lot of fat around my stomach and now wake up with a flat, bloat free stomach which feels amazing.

My skin has also improved, and getting spots now is very rare. I am only 19 and used to suffer with spots around my nose and head. They have disappeared and haven’t come back since!

I also feel better in myself. I feel my hormones are more controlled and I dont have as many mood swings.

I love Estroblock and will be investing in the tablets for as long as I can afford to do so. In my opinion, they are definitely worth every penny and I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about trying them to go for it!”

Becky King – London, UK (February 2018)

“Having come off the contraceptive pill last August, my skin completely broke out around my chin and Jaw area. I tried absolutely everything and spent hundreds of pounds on treatments to try and cure the acne, nothing worked. I spent hours everyday researching and came across Estro block, literally so happy I did. I have been taking them now for 3 months and the spots stopped within a couple of weeks of taking them. I’m just left with pigmentation marks, as I have sensitive skin but I haven’t had any spots since taking Estro block. They’ve made a massive difference! I take every 3rd night and will continue to do so.”

Nathalie – Hauts-de-Seine, France (April 2018)

“Première expérience avec Estroblock concluante
Je prends Estroblock depuis un mois maintenant et je suis très très satisfaite de ce produit. Pour replacer le contexte : j’arrête la pilule après 13 ans de prise et j’avais très peur du chamboulement que cela allait opérer. Je me suis donc renseignée afin de trouver un complément qui me permettrait d’aider à detoxifier mon organisme de toutes ces hormones de synthèse. La prise d’Estroblock est très simple, au moment des repas, une gélule facile à avaler, aucun goût particulier. L’effet est très rapide, au moment où je l’ai pris j’avais une inflammation due à une prise de bardane et tout a été calmé en l’espace de deux jours, d’une semaine sur l’autre j’ai pu voir que l’inflammation avait été maîtrisée et commençait déjà à disparaître (il reste toujours les cicatrices malheureusement, plus longue à faire partir).

Je n’ai eu aucun effets secondaires si ce n’est la nausée au début mais cela est vite rentré dans l’ordre. J’ai l’impression que ma peau va de mieux en mieux et je compte passer au niveau supérieur afin de continuer la cure jusqu’à être totalement débarrassée de la pilule sans dérèglement hormonal.

Estroblock est efficace grâce au DIM qu’il contient, issu de légumes crucifères (famille du chou) et, n’étant pas une grosse consommatrice de légumes, je pense que prendre un tel complément est très recommandé dans mon cas. Je suis vraiment ravie d’avoir laissé sa chance à ce nouveau produit prometteur et je compte continuer vu les résultats plus que positifs que je peux remarquer déjà au bout de seulement un mois.

Je recommande ce produit à toutes les filles qui, comme moi, veulent arrêter la pilule, qui souhaite avoir un complément naturel pour les accompagner dans leur démarche en douceur et ne pas rencontrer de difficultés quant à un possible chamboulement dû à l’arrêt des hormones de synthèses.
Ce produit vaut vraiment le coup et mériterait d’être davantage connu.”

English Translation
“first experience with conclusive Estroblock
I have been taking Estroblock for a month now and I am very very satisfied with this product. To set the context: I stop the pill after 13 years of taking and I was very afraid of the upheaval that it would operate. So I made inquiries to find a supplement that would help me detoxify my body of all these synthetic hormones. The intake of Estroblock is very simple, at the time of meals, a capsule easy to swallow, no particular taste. The effect is very fast, by the time I took it I had an inflammation due to taking burdock and everything was calmed in the space of two days, from one week to the next I could see that the inflammation had been controlled and was already starting to disappear (there are still scars unfortunately, longer to leave).
I had no side effects other than nausea at first, but it quickly returned to normal. I feel that my skin is getting better and I intend to move to the next level to continue the cure until completely removed from the pill without hormonal disorders.

Estroblock is effective thanks to the DIM it contains, derived from cruciferous vegetables (cabbage family) and, not being a big consumer of vegetables, I think that taking such a supplement is very recommended in my case. I am really pleased to have given this new promising product a chance and I intend to continue with the more than positive results that I can already see after only one month.

I recommend this product to all girls who, like me, want to stop the pill, who wishes to have a natural complement to accompany them in their approach smoothly and not encounter any difficulties with a possible disruption due to the discontinuation of hormones of syntheses.
This product is really worth it and deserves to be better known”

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